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Peintures urbaines contemporaines

An "urban" collection made using different techniques: pastel, acrylic, resin, sand etc...

My compositions are real puzzles where the viewer is invited to get lost in the maze of apartments, stairs, corridors and roofs for a breathtaking view of the street furniture of our contemporary societies (antennas, various connections, construction sites construction...).

Constantly revisited, the "Block" collection offers varied and unique works.

Browse the gallery to appreciate the variety of renderings and click on the work  for more details.

La p'tite cour 46x38
La bicyclette 46x38
La casa grande 46x38
Sous pavillon bleu 46x38
La clef du block 33x32 cm
Place du blanc caillou
Block de pêche
Les p'tits blocks dans la prairie
Night block II
Le vieux puits
Night block III
Bord de rive
1H23 dans les blocks
Block de vacances
La porte du block
peintures contemporaines lille
peintures urbaines contemporaines
artiste lille
artiste peintre lille
peintures urbaines lille
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