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Peintures contemporaines fonds marins

Ready for an immersion in the heart  seabed?


Here, a balance in the movements and the search for a pictorial unity are essential in my approach. Marine undulations and ocean life punctuate my work , which I produce both in small and large format. To this end, I work on my palette to give body and relief to my works, by operating a juxtaposition of materials: the inks and acrylics are embellished with resin and the line, more graphic, gives life to semi-figurative compositions with soft shapes. . The approach is therefore abstract and then refined with the graphics as the work evolves.  herself.

Browse the gallery to appreciate the variety of renderings and click on the work  for more details.

La perle bleue
Le vieux monde
Garden II
Jour d'orage
Purple time
Le bleu du ciel
Début de saison
La carte postale
L'autre fond
L'été indien
Le hublot
Le corail blanc
Le parfum de l'horizon lagon
Les eaux turquoises
Récif des pléïades
Les émeraudes
Les paradis artificiels
Let's swim the riverl
La méduse bleue
Loin des chemins
Pêche à la ligne
A la surface
Over the rainbow
Vers le soleil 20x20 cm
La bulle rainbow
Blue sun
Retour du récif
Récif d'eau rose Coll
Back to sea
Sous la grande bleue
Lueurs - 25x25 cm
Acqua verde
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